Most concierge practices charge an annual fee in the $1800 to $2400 range (sometimes more!) and are structured so the fee covers a comprehensive annual physical exam or unlimited visits. I think that this amount is too much. Also, many patients don’t need a comprehensive annual exam or more than a few visits per year. My low-overhead structure allows me to charge a much lower annual fee.

My fee structure works on principles demonstrated by the two houses of the United States Congress:

  • The annual membership fee is like the Senate in that each patient pays the same amount regardless of how much or little in the way of medical services is needed (just like each state has 2 senators regardless of population size).
  • The office visit fees are like the House of Representatives in that the total amount paid per year depends on the amount of medical services used (just like larger states have more representatives than smaller states).

Practice Membership Fee

One person pays $800 per year in $200 quarterly installments.
Each additional family member pays $500 per year in $125 quarterly installments.

Some patients choose to pay the fee annually or split the fee into monthly payments.

The fee for the first quarter is waived for new patients.

Office Visit Fees

$100 for up to 30 minutes

$200 for longer visits

Very rarely I charge more for visits lasting more than one hour

Well child visits typically last 30-45 minutes and the fee is $150.

Adult preventive care visits typically last 45-60 minutes and the fee is $200.

There are separate fees for procedures such as electrocardiograms, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, tuberculosis skin tests, and immunizations

Because the wholesale cost for various immunizations varies widely so do the fees that I charge for various injections