When you call during the week, appointments for acute and follow-up care will typically be available the same or next day

Appointments will be typically spaced out at 60 minute intervals so that they start on time and are not rushed

You’ll spend little (if any) time in the reception room

  • I call it the “no-waiting room”

In the reception room, you won’t have to discuss sensitive issues in front of other patients as all check-in and check-out procedures are handled in the privacy of exam room

My office is computerized to allow us to surf the internet together to get medical records, test reports, and other medically-relevent information

I’ve used an electronic medical record since the day I opened my practice

If I prescribe medication at an office visit, I can call, fax, or electronically send the scripts to your pharmacy so that It can be ready on your arrival there.

Email is available for follow on chronic medical problems, reporting of test results,scheduling appointments, etc.

You will be notified of all test results instead of “no news is good news.”

  • No news is NO NEWS!

When you need assistance after office hours you’ll speak directly with me by calling my cell phone or home (my home number has never been unlisted)

  • No answering service
  • No other physician coverage unless I am completely unavailable (ill, on an airplane, etc.)

I notify patients by email of any major changes in my schedule or availability

I’ll see you in my office after hours (evenings, weekends) when medically indicated

I’ll see you at your home when medically indicated

If I refer you to a hospital emergency department for an acute problem that needs a higher level of care I will call ahead to notify them and speak with the emergency department physician if necessary

Out-of-town guests (family or friends) of practice members will be seen for urgent medical problems without being charged the practice membership fee.