Martin C. Schulman, M.D.
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Travel Medicine

I have been providing travel medicine consultation and immunizations for more than 20 years, and I am proud to continue doing so through my affiliation with Travel Clinics of America. provides advice and resources for all aspects of travel abroad including diseases, immunizations, food and water safety, and travel medical insurance.

I provide this service to anyone (membership in my medical practice is NOT required).

Guidelines for foreign travel published by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are followed.
For country-specific immunization recommendations please go to also provides country specific disease and immunization information. 

The consultation fee is $50 per person. 
This fee covers advise about immunizations as well as writing prescriptions for travel-related medication.

Immunization fees

  • Hepatitis A $120
  • Hepatitis B $100
  • Influenza $25
  • Japanese encephalitis virus $275 for each of a series of 2 injections over 4 weeks
  • Meningococcus (“meningitis”) $130
  • Pneumococcus (“pneumonia") $65
  • Polio $40
  • Rabies $250 for each of a series of 3 injections over 3-4 weeks
  • Tdap $65
  • Typhoid fever (injection) $85
  • Typhoid fever (oral) $70
  • Yellow fever $130


I give the shots myself and I do NOT charge a separate injection fee.


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